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COVID-19 Consumables

Our range of COVID-19 consumables include Head Wear (Bouffant Clip), Hand Wear (Nitrile Gloves, PE Gloves, PE Sleeves, Non Wooven Sleeves), Body Wear (Coverall with Hood, Coverall without Hood,Cover all with Hood and Feet Cover, Lab Coat with Snaps, Lab Coat with Velcrose, Lap Coat with Zip, Patient Gown, Isolation Gown), Foot Wear (Shoe Covers, Boot Covers), Google (Safety Google), Face Shield (Surgical Shield, Non Surgical Shield).

You can click here to download COVID-19 Consumables Brochure

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Other COVID-19 Products

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UV Escalator Handrail Cleaner

Handrails are essential safety features on escalators. When ...

Disinfectant Spray Gun

Hand Sprayer Machine, 500ML Disinfection White Spray ...

Document Sterilizer Cabinet

Protection against INFECTIONS on any Paper & Documents. ...

Sanitizing Box

Sanitizing Box works its UV lighting tube within short ...

Portable UV Air Purifiers

These devices are perfect for a variety of environments, ...

UV Disinfectant Package For Elevators

The UV Disinfection Package for Elevators includes ...

Hand Held UV Disinfectant

The Handheld UV Disinfection Light can disinfect kill 99% ...

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