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ATAMAP Associates > Official Agent in Nigeria to: RS DYNAMICS a true Swiss-European company

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ATAMAP Associates International LTD is the Official Agent to RS DYNAMICS a true Swiss-European company, that integrates the cutting edge of patented technologies in portable and handheld devices. A manufacturer of portable instruments for detection of explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials, with its leading products counts the handheld miniEXPLONIX device for explosives detection, and the portable EXPLONIX for both detection and identification of explosives as well as radioactive materials. Both products meet requirements for extensive field use, incorporating our own ground-breaking patented IRSSIL technologies. Military and non-military customers around the world successfully use our products. All instruments operate even in very hostile conditions such as hot, frost, sandy or humid environments.

As RS DYNAMICS Distributor in Nigeria, ATAMAP is authorised to provide prices and information about the Explosive Detectors / Analyser, solicit proposals for sale, tenders/bids, delivery, training and service of these systems in the Nigerian Terrain

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