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Raff Military Textile, a globally recognized brand in the military textile industry, announces the formalization of a strong partnership with Atamap Associates International Limited, a respected Nigerian company.

Atamap Associates International Limited, Nigeria's local brand specializing in safety equipment and protective accessories, aims to expand its presence in the international market by joining forces with military textile giant Raff Military Textile. The partnership aims not only to meet the needs of the Nigerian defense sector, but also to contribute to the development and economic independence of Nigeria's military textile industry.

A New Era in Nigeria Raff Military Textile and Atamap Associates Alliance

With record exports on the African continent, Raff Military Textile continues to have an impact on most militaries in Africa with its products such as camouflage uniforms, military boots, tents, backpacks, tactical accessories and many more. "Nigeria is the biggest and strongest player in trade on the African continent," said Raff Military Textile executive members at an event. Always aiming to grow and develop the potential workforce in Africa, Raff Military Textile will therefore work hand in hand with Atamap Associates to ensure the highest standards for the country's armed forces.
"This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to developing long-term relationships inAfrica and underlines our dedication to delivering world-class products and services."
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making a lasting impact on Nigeria's defense forces." This is how Atamap Associates International speaks about its partnership with Raff Military Textile, one of the leading providers of military products operating in the Turkey. Founded in 2002, ATAMAP has grown globally over the years to have an extensive network of offices on four continents. It supplies quality security equipment, protection and security products to defense forces around the world, including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Sweden, USA and Canada.

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Raff Military Textile is a globally recognized leading textile company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for defense and security forces. From uniforms to boots, military tents, containers and a wide range of tactical and ballistic equipment, Raff Military Textile provides products of international quality standards to meet the evolving needs of modern armed forces.
The collaboration between Raff Military Textile and Atamap Associates expresses a shared vision to enhance Nigeria's defense capabilities. Combining Raff's defense expertise with Atamap's local knowledge in Africa, the partnership will not only enhance the production and supply of state-of-the-art security products, but also promote cross-sector knowledge transfer and skills development in Africa.

For more information about Raff Military Textile: https://www.raff.com.tr/


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